About us

Trading with respect

We live in a wonderful world. Respecting, maintaining and carefully cultivating it is both our mission and our duty. Ecological farming is today’s form of preserving the fertility of the soil and maintaining respectful treatment of animals.

The fact that on many farms livestock is raised for milk and meat production does not relieve the farmer from his responsibility of treating the animals entrusted to his care as living beings. This duty to uphold livestock welfare is codified in the guidelines for ecological agriculture throughout Europe – and that is a good thing!

It is only by mantaining these basic requirements that conflicts can be solved among short-term expectations of consumers, short-term profit motives of processors and farmers and the long-term goal of a sustainable economy.

Trading with responisibility

We uphold the steadfast, almost “ingrained”, principle that food, even a volume product, must be safe. For the consumer, for your customers and for the environment. That is why we trade exclusively with organically-produced meat. Especially with selected cuts of poultry and beef, but also with pork and lamb.

We source all our products from producer co-ops and certified organic slaughterhouses. During regular inspections, we ensure first-hand that the animals are raised and slaughtered according to animal-welfare methods. That is how we are able to ensure process and product safety according to the highest quality and hygiene standards. It goes without saying that traceability from the farmer all the way into retail trade is ensured in all our products.

Thanks to a large sales network, we are involved in buying and selling organic meats throughout Europe. We rely on the use of flexible logistics concepts. This makes us a reliable and attractive partner. This is a claim that is also backed up by our suppliers and customers.

Sustainability in trade

As a company, we are naturally also committed to commercial success. Still, we feel a responsibility towards sustainable, organic farming, animal welfare and the economic success of the farmers with whom we do business, as well as the long-term market success of our customers.

Where needed, we advise the farmers in terms of improving ecological livestock farming and slaughtering operations, taking into consideration the customs in the target countries. This enables us to strike a certain balance between the various cultures in the European Union, their relationship to animals and their level of knowledge in terms of ecological livestock farming.

We advise our customers with respect to the best-possible use of raw materials and safe ecological origin, combined with fair prices. We are able to guarantee this, thanks to our comprehensive knowledge in practical ecological farming, organic auditing and product development of ecological sausage products.
Only when these three factors are in alignment, when all market partners are capable of lasting fair and open interaction with one another, can sustainable economic activity develop.

Attitude is everything

We place value in quality, diversity and consistency. But also in competence, transparency and trust. All towards achieving economic success for all the market partners. It’s amazing what can fit under one hat. However – it all comes down to the proper attitude.